Who We Are

"Above all, we are coming to understand that the arts incarnate the creativity of a free people. When the creative impulse cannot flourish, when it cannot freely select its methods and objects, when it is deprived of spontaneity, then society severs the root of art." – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Our mission is to help Artists make a living creating their artwork, and to bring Customer Art Lovers ease and accessibility to the ownership and enjoyment of beautiful things. We want to help people discover and acquire artwork. Art can help every day people live with a little more sophistication, interest and beauty. We encourage people to experiment, to uncover their personal style. When you design a room, you’re really designing a personality.

Our diverse collection demonstrates an understanding of the current craving for personal expression. We especially enjoy offering special pieces chosen for their remarkable refusal to blend in. All handmade pieces from our artists are limited one-of-a-kind items. TPC also offers a limited number of artistic accent pieces made by talented artisans around the world.

TPC offers highly personalized customer service and exclusive artwork. What makes our customers happy is a good piece of art.

What also makes them happy is the simplicity of paying “just the price” shown in our gallery for the desired piece without having to calculate added charges, such as tax and delivery. The “just price” is a theory of ethics in economics that attempts to set standards of fairness in transactions.

TPC has no hidden agenda. Our intent is to stay small enough and eclectic enough to enable a rich artful environment, while keeping ideas fresh and fun. TPC builds its reputation for quality and innovation, and will embrace whatever works to improve the human condition. TPC is building a community of artists, while being planted firmly in the real world.

TPC is eternally optimistic. It is a movement to inspire, encourage and challenge artists and the art industry. Despite economic slumps, we will progress, create jobs, and support our brothers and sisters in the arts.

Comments from our customers and artists help us to shape and improve our business.

To The Artists

Welcome to a safe and friendly place to showcase your work.

Your Gallery within a Gallery: Showcasing your artwork with TPC will create a breathtaking online gallery of your work. We promise to give your guests a wonderful experience as they explore the gallery. They will be able to view images of your work, receive detailed information regarding each piece, read your biography, and more.

Free Marketing and Website for Artists: Your gallery of artwork will be given an exquisite and professional online presentation, as well as unlimited space for your images, videos and text. You will save the expense and effort of building an independent website, as well as the cost for a domain name, hosting and maintenance fees. Your schedule of exhibits will be clearly displayed and maintained.

The online selling price of your artwork is based on the amount you wish to receive. In other words, you set the price.

Please Contact Us for more information.