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Our Gallery collection contains original photography, sculptures, wall art, lighting effects, floral accents, music art, furnishings, pillows, vases, vessels, greeting cards, jewelry and collectibles. It comprises the elements of wood, metal, glass, stone, fiber and paper.

We support talented Artists throughout America and other wonderful places around the world, such as Japan, Peru, Morocco, Africa, the Himalayans, Italy and the Pacific Islands.

We are honored to feature gifted artists, such as Lee Davis, whose award-winning work was celebrated with an invitation to exhibit his art at the most prestigious craftshow in the country, the Smithsonian.

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We believe that when you live with Art that you love, it adds something rich and good to your life.

FREE STUFF: As a bonus to our customers, we will pay the sales tax and delivery charges for all domestic sales, except as indicated otherwise.

For international sales, please Contact Us.

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